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    Our FREE service will help you find the best treatment center based on your needs.

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Don’t Just Go To Treatment. Go To The Perfect Treatment.

Finding the best rehab center for yourself or a loved one is not easy.  We know, we have done it.  That is why we created the Arizona Drug Treatment Organization.  We help people get into the RIGHT treatment center for them based on the level of care they need.  We work with you to understand what addiction you are battling, what type of treatment may work best for you, and the insurance company you have.  We then work with our partners to find you the best possible treatment center in Arizona or Southern California.

The Arizona Drug Treatment Organization is a free service for you to use to help find the best rehab centers for you.  We are a group of recovery addicts that have gone through the difficult time of locating and understanding the process of getting into treatment, so we created this service to help people just like you.

The Process to Getting Help

  1.  Pick Up The Phone – Call us at 480-440-4400
  2. Speak with our professional counselors to help us understand your situation.
  3. We work with your insurance company to understand your coverage.
  4. Work with selected treatment centers to get you entry.
  5. You and your specialist will get on the phone with the center together to answer questions.
  6. Intake Day – The day your life starts by entering treatment.

 We are here to help you or your loved one get the treatment they need.  Alcohol or Drugs, we can make this transition easy and cost effective.  Call us today!

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