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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers

Alcohol Addiction in Arizona has grown over the years.  More and more people are realizing the negative impact of alcohol on their lives. This surge of recognition of alcoholism has resulted in a network of amazing, local, and effective alcohol treatment centers in Arizona. If you or someone you love is suffering from alcohol addiction, we are here to help.

The Arizona Drug Treatment Organization is here to help those seeking treatment for their addiction. We are a free service, and we work with you to find the perfect treatment center to fit your needs. This includes communicating with your insurance company so they cover the costs.

If you or someone you love has taken the first step in admitting they can’t control their drinking, call today.  One of our trained alcohol treatment specialists will work with you and educate you on the process.

Our treatment centers in Arizona offer some of the top care available in the country. Whether you’d like to work within the 12 step program or not, we can find the treatment that can get you on the right path, and back to living a normal, healthy lifestyle.

Arizona Alcohol rehab centers offer a holistic treatment approach. The centers understand the numerous psychiatric, psychological and medical conditions that can contribute to alcoholism and may have been a reason for unsuccessful treatment in the past.

This knowledge equips each center to provide care that may not have been offered to you before. This type of treatment allows our centers access into each patient’s entire history of drug and alcohol abuse in context of other emotional, physical or family challenges, which could be acting as a barrier for sobriety.  Such a comprehensive assessment can allow the treatment center to differentiate alcoholism from situations when drinking alcohol compulsively may be related to a pre-existing eating disorder or to symptoms of major depression, an anxiety disorder, or chronic pain.

This style of holistic alcohol addiction treatment has been shown to have the highest success rate as it is not just treating the alcoholism, but the root cause of it. This allows the patient to heal and rebuild their lives.

If you or someone you love needs help getting, and remaining sober, please call us today at, (480) 447-2489, for a free consultation to find the right treatment for you.