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What is Desert Cover Recovery Center?

Desert Cove recovery center is a 12-step and holistic treatment center in the upscale suburb of Phoenix, Scottsdale, a quiet and relaxing desert surrounding (outside of the summer time when temperatures can reach well above 105 degrees). The desert and running river just north of the center ensure this Arizona rehab center, which launched in 2012, is an ideal location for the outdoor therapy Desert Cover Recovery Center integrates into their addiction therapy.


Accommodations and Food

The facility isn’t as homey as other Arizona centers, however, although it falls a bit short in that area, it certainly makes up for it with its minimalist, calming desert design. The Group therapy rooms are upgraded with very nice, quality leather chairs, native Arizona desert cacti and in the hallways you will find local art and photography. Residences’ rooms come with carpet and twin-sized beds. While they’re someone apartment-like, Desert Cove has done everything possible to ensure calming, top quality treatment facility stay for their clients. Each client will have roommate. Private rooms are not available. During free time, residence may enjoy the pool and inside the media room, the large TV to relax after therapy sessions.

The high quality organic food is the staple of the health program at Desert Cover, which only furthers their position that a healthy body, leads to a healthy mind. Like any quality Health and Wellness Program, Desert Cove supports its quality food with exercise and teaches the residents about proper food planning and preparation.

Treatment and Staff

Desert Cover runs a long-term rehab program at 90-day program, although they will take people that are able to commit to at least 60 days.  Desert Cove offers treatment based on the 12 steps of AA with an added holistic approach. Client are required to go to a 12-step program meeting each night they are in treatment.  This can be AA or NA. The on-site meeting bring in local people to discuss addiction and give words of wisdom and hope to those that have just entered into recovery.  Group therapy and one to three one-on-one sessions a week are also integral to the Desert Cover treatment plan, and are highly respected within the treatment industry. The therapy modalities used at Desert Cover are  CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy). Both modalities are used to help the resident understand what is standing in their way of recovery, and how to remove the obstacle.  The big selling point for us when it comes to Desert Cove Recovery is their specialized relapse prevention program. They focus on teaching each resident how to deal with trauma and pain without turning to mood altering, such as drugs or alcohol.

Their holistic approach focuses on treating the mind, body and spirit and involves a three-part approach that addressees physiological, emotional and spiritual needs.

They have a highly educated and credentialed staff of 14, ranging from medical doctors to resident nurses, and even specialists at each level. What we liked is unlike most Arizona centers, Desert Cove doesn’t lower the level of care at night.  They maintain a highly credentialed staff, even over the night hours.


Exercise, like we mentioned earlier, is a huge part of the treatment program at Desert Cove. There is an adventure program that is integrated with Tierra Wild, a local therapeutic outdoor program in Arizona that manages to incorporate a 12-step model into the activities. These activities include hiking, backpacking, white-water rafting, rock climbing, challenge courses and service projects. There’s also a local gym where clients receive memberships. Additional activities include bowling and trips to the movies as well as a local amusement park.

In Summary

It is rather obvious that we love Desert Cover Recovery Center.  For the cost, you will be hard pressed to find such great staff, facilities, and treatment modalities for such a low cost point.  Additionally, they also take private insurance to help cover the costs. We really enjoy their focus on the 12-steps but also incorporate a holistic approach that works for so many people.

If you would like to learn more about Desert Cove or another Arizona Addiction Center, please contact us today at 480-447-2489.

Desert Cove Recovery
15170 N Hayden Rd, Suite 4
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Desert Cove Cost: $12,700 (30 days).