Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment for Women

Rehabs for women in Arizona can include rehabilitation centers that focus on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual support for women fighting against drug and alcohol abuse. Women-only rehab centers provide a safe, and women-centric  level of care.  This allows the patients to open up more and work together without distractions. Addiction treatment for women — which allows only females into the program — can be relaxing to those who may have trouble with men or have the need to feel connected with other women. These facilities help women work together to support a drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle.

Inpatient Facilities vs. Outpatient Clinics

In Patient drug or alcohol treatment allows patients to live in the center, this includes residential homes, or facilities outside of the Phoenix area. This type of drug and alcohol treatment provides 24/7 care to patients that require a little more help. Women with severe drug or alcohol addictions may prefer living in a facility that can provide them around the clock help. Inpatient treatment centers work with the women to teach them how to live a sober life and maintain their sobriety once out of the inpatient facility.

Out-patient drug and alcohol treatment, or IOP as they are called, focus on rehab for women who can not give up 30 days of life.  Some reason are work or school.  The custom schedules allow the woman to handle life, while learning to become sober. These rehab clinics are educated in the needs of women and the ways women best respond to treatments.

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